Our goal at Mediavine Marketing is to help our clients achieve their social media goals and objectives, which may include:

  • Establish Awareness – Brand Recognition – New Product Introduction
  • Establish Trust
  • Establish Expert Positioning
  • Maintain Competitiveness
  • Develop Advocates
  • Monitor Your Brand
  • Researching Target Market, Competitors and Emerging Trends
  • Provide Value to Audience
  • Become Part of the Community
  • Introduce Audience to the Sales Funnel- New Client Acquisition
  • Dominate Your Digital Presence – Improve Search Engine Ranking- Improve Searchability/Findability- Increase Website Traffic

Whether they choose to train with us, consult with us, or allow us the privilege of managing their social media, our clients find that simplicity is at the core of what we do. Social media for business is our focus.
Mediavine Marketing was born from a Chicago area technology company called Mandatek. As part-owner and project manager for website development at Mandatek, Michele Rempel began to receive more and more questions from clients about ways to drive traffic to their websites and increase brand awareness using the power of social media. Michele and the Mandatek team devoted countless hours to learning and testing the simplest and most effective ways to capture traffic and buzz using social media.  After developing a formula that worked for themselves and for their current clients, they formed Mediavine Marketing.


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