Call to Action by a Modern Day Caped Crusading Couple, Steve & Michelle Moore

It’s a beautiful morning in Breckenridge, Colorado as I write this blog from a busy Starbucks on the Mainstreet of this quintessential Old West Ski town.  As the sun warms the crisp Rocky Mountain air,  I can’t help but think of a plea my friend Michelle Celestial Easterly Moore posted on Facebook this past week:

Please pray for Jacob Ostreicher. Time is of the essence. He is on a hunger strike. He may not make it.

In the time it takes to make a double shot skinny dirty chai, one action, one prayer on behalf of Jacob could make a difference.  And so, like Michelle, I am the messenger, and hoping to inspire any one and every one who collectively might take part in protecting humanity… who might take a moment to act to help this fellow American.

Who is Jacob Ostreicher?  Who’s Michelle Moore for that matter?

Jacob Ostreicher is an American citizen , businessman, and family man wrongfully, and inhumanely, imprisoned a year ago in Bolivia by the Evo Morales government.

Michelle Moore, and her husband, retired FBI Agent Steve Moore honored me with their valuable time as my guests on Trend On a few weeks ago.

As the Modern Day Caped Crusading Couple, Steve & Michelle Moore became International Super Heroes for their advocacy and intervention in the innocence of American college student Amanda Knox.  Amanda and her then boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were convicted, then acquitted, of murdering her English roommate, Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy.  Michelle, a wife and mother, friend, compassionate human being,– just happened to catch a late night expose on Amanda’s scandal… and had to act.

Or in Michelle’s words, had to get her husband, Steve–the ex-FBI guy, the career anti-terroist agent, the compassionate father of their own daughters Amanda’s age– to act and investigate the unsettling feeling Michelle had that Amanda and Raffaele were innocent.   Steve did so with professional due diligence, and quickly came to the realization and resolve that Amanda and Raffaele were pawns of  a malicious local government. They & their families were suffering, like Jacob, and something had to be done.

Amanda’s case got my attention because I too was a mother of young, world traveling, adult children. I also know that in split seconds, life changes and you or your loved ones can find yourself on the wrong side of oppressive political powers. After traveling abroad myself and working with International families for over a decade, I know, as we talked about on the Trend On show, that as Americans, it’s a dangerous mindset to think we carry our U.S. Constitutional Rights with us where ever we go around the globe. Even when doing everything right, like Jacob Ostreicher, we can be wronged.

In America, if we are not vigilant, our Freedom could be equally precarious. Yet if we collectively act on behalf of one, like Jacob or Amanda, we act for all.

A week after the 4th of July 2012, Michelle and Steve spoke with me to the need for a strong, free America.   As ambassadors for global humanity, regardless of political positions, Michelle and Steve shared what they learned in the process of speaking out against formidable opposition to be a voice for justice then and now.  Steve is currently working with the U.S. State Department, House Foreign Affairs Committee & United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights in the effort to free Jacob Ostreicher.  A bill called “Jacob’s Law” is in the works which includes Steve’s input.

For more on this amazing powerful couple, visit Steve’s website: Gman Case File. Com (;
and check out Steve’s new book:
“Special Agent Man: My Life in the FBI as a Terrorist Hunter, Helicopter Pilot, and Certified Sniper”.
( also has info on booking Steve as a Speaker, ordering his book “Special Agent Man”, and more on Steve’s  Consulting,  Expert Commentary in the Media  & Technical Advising in the Entertainment Industry.

Or maybe the more effective method to call on the Crusader is to strike a chord with Michelle… she is a special force behind the Gman.

I’m humbled to have such friends– ironically a friendship which came about through another act of compassion and caring on the part of Michelle. Perhaps it is Steve and Michelle’s own humanity, their personal journeys of struggling with career, marriage, cancer, family and faith, that makes them so well-suited to be both the Saved and the Savers.

Either way, they would say — please Pray, please Act.  You can make a difference.

Information on Jacob Ostreicher and Steve’s advocacy on his behalf can be found on the PRAYING FOR JACOB OSTREICHER facebook page at:

Steve and Michelle are also involved in helping Jason Puracal, another American wrongly convicted and incarcerated in Nicaragua.  More information on Jason’s plight is at:


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