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PTA announces 2013 scholarship recipients

The Schaumburg Township Council of PTAs is proud to announce its 2013 scholarship recipients: The Bonnie Greenberg Memorial Scholarship Kayla Majeske (MacArthur/Eisenhower/Hoffman Estates) Two Year Junior College/Trade or Vocational School Scholarship …

Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON Navigating Online Dating

Last week on Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON with Heidi Feemster, we had the fun and good fortune to interview 2 guests back-to-back, Mark Bradford and Darren Fisher (of Darren Fisher Consulting).  In the first half of our program we talked with Only A Glance, creator, Mark Bradford.  After frustration with traditional online dating sites, Mark Bradford […]

Compromise is not the best option

“Sometimes in relationships you just have to compromise.” You’ve heard that one before right? I had that conversation with a few parents recently and a pattern emerged. They were describing compromise, frustration and at times exhaustion as they recounted outings with their children that were intended to be enjoyable. As we dug deeper we discovered […]

How to get the most out of tax deductions

Everyone hates April 15th, and maybe it’s because you’ve waited the last-minute to prepare for the inevitable. Tax time  is just as important as running your business. It’s  the opportunity to sit at your desk, and crunch on pencils and calculate  taking this deduction vs. that deduction, is anything less than fun! Tax season looms like […]

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