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The 3 “C’s” for B2B Social Media Success

When it comes to social media, businesses that sell products (especially products that everyone loves and wants to buy) have it easy. Restaurants can post mouth-watering photos of food and drinks on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, etc. Clothing stores get to share photos of gorgeous models wearing their latest arrivals and post about their latest…

How to Get Control of Your Website: Why It’s Important for Your Small Business

It happens all too often. A potential client wants us to create a new website, but no one at the company is sure where their current website is hosted. They think it’s hosted by the same person who created their website, but he can’t be found and they don’t know where their login information was…

LLN Reports on Mihaela Lacramioara, actress and model.

Listen at 4:00p to the LLN Reports Show with Mike Boehler and Michele Rempel as the interview international, national and local leaders of business, not for profit, NGO and governmental leaders. Michele & Mike interview Mihaela Lacramioara, orphan, actress and model. Mihaela was born in Romania and adopted at age 3 from an orphanage. She […]

LLN Reports on Carl Richards, The Voice of Canada

Carl Richards is a Broadcaster, Speech Coach, Corporate Trainer and Professional Speaker. Through positive and effective coaching, Carl helps people realize their true talents and potential when it comes to communication. He’s coached a diverse group of individuals with speaking, from students to business professionals. His workshops and seminars are educational and informative…his messages of […]

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