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How were last week’s NFL Playoffs Like Politics in America?

In the lull weekend before #SuperbowlXLVIII match-up between the Denver Broncos (my 2nd favorite team) and the Seattle Seahawks (not a fan of the #badrefcall #Touchception against my #Packers, but am a fan of former #Badgers QB #RussellWilson ) and with 2013’s Superbowl airing no less than 5 politically underscored commercials, and with this year […]

The Changing OEM Model – Made in the USA?

Segueway to Success – The Changing OEM Model – Made in the USA? By Tom Kuchan   Historically, recessions in the United States have tended to originate in the manufacturing sector.  Each school of economic thought, Keynesians, Monetarists, Austrians, etc., have their own theories as to why it happens but regardless of the “why” the “where” […]

Segueway to Success – Survive and Thrive in the New-Normal Business Climate

Introducing “Segueway to Success”: an internet-based radio program dedicated to helping privately owned business people survive and thrive in the new-normal business climate. Starting Wednesday October 17 business partners Tom Kuchan and Brent Hamachek, principals of the 13 year old consulting company Segueway, will be sharing our experiences and conclusions as to what has changed […]

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