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Perspectives On: Going Global on a Shoestring – a 4 part series

  It’s difficult to talk much about today’s economy without considering globalization. No industry is more affected than technology. By now we’ve read dozens of stories about Apple developing products in the US while building them in China and selling them in virtually every county. Articles that suggested that even startups need to consider going […]

Perspectives on Mergers and Acquisitions with Jim Treleaven

Perspectives on Mergers and Acquisitions with Jim Treleaven A perfect storm of economic conditions has made acquisition the primary exit strategy for many firms. The general economic slowdown, the slowdown in the IPO market and the buildup of cash in larger firms has significantly accelerated M&A activity in the US and internationally. For the acquiring […]

Perspectives on Innovations in Healthcare Technology

We all know by now that health-care accounts for more than 17% of the United States GDP and that healthcare costs have grown at a rate substantially higher than inflation. Technology both contributes to and attenuates this cost spiral. Technology most certainly has contributed both to significantly improved healthcare outcomes and to an improved patient […]

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