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Episode 4: Fear Not! Overcoming the obstacles that sabotage business growth.

In this episode you’re going to experience a transformational story and learn how to overcome your own fears through our interview with Dale Spencer, he’s a professional speaker, award-winning film producer and a business role model whose life was changed forever after a preventable accident at age 20. Dale will teach us how to turn […]

Episode 3: Kill the elevator speech

Watch as Brian interviews #1 best-selling author Felicia Slattery about her new book “Kill the Elevator Speech: Stop Selling, Start Connecting.” Felicia shares several tremendous insights into why the tradition of the elevator speech actually sabotages your efforts to connect with others in the business world. Most important, she explains exactly what to do instead. […]

Episode 1: The Life Team Strategy

The premier episode of an innovative podcast series designed to help Executives and Entrepreneurs develop mindful communication skills to more effectively attract, interact with and impact the people they serve. In this episode, Brian introduces you to “The Life Team Strategy.” Through the story of a client who was out of touch with his staff […]

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