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The Magic Stuff That Holds Atoms Together…

If the magic stuff that holds atoms together just stopped, would it get quiet? We live in a world of the unknown; my 90-year-old father-in-law calls life in general a crap shoot; I tend to agree with him. The world as we understand it is made of atoms flying around connected by a magical invisible […]

Transitioning American Veterans by Dr. Pietro (Pete) Savo

We find ourselves challenged to support the strengths and needs of veterans as they transition from a military life to pursuing higher education. This challenge finds its home well within the framework of Schlossberg’s transition model, which was developed to assist with a broad range of life transitions. Many institutions of higher education have developed […]

Manufacturing Business Pyramid Effect by Dr. Pietro (Pete) Savo

Many small manufacturing businesses today resemble what I call an upside-down pyramid. Can you envision such a pyramid attempting to balance on its point? What you have is an impossible balancing act of monumental proportions; near impossible regardless how much money you throw at it! Many manufacturing businesses today, reside in a world managed by […]

“STEM Fields” Talent Shortage – How the United States can regain its competitiveness in math- and science-related fields.

  Read the entire article featured in Career College Central Magazine, September 2012 addition page 50. “STEM Fields” Talent Shortage; How the United States can regain its competitiveness in math- and science-related fields. Career College Central Magazine, September 2012 For the past 100 years, technological innovations in science and engineering have fueled the U.S. economy, […]

Education From Manufacturing Industry History -Dr. Pete Savo

  Education From Manufacturing Industry History by Dr. Pietro (Pete) Savo American Writer a Positive Thinking Movement by Dr. Pietro (Pete) Savo Christopher Musselwhite (1990) identified the need for business to define a process that encourages best capabilities and practices to ensure business success. The focus of the organization’s leaders is to develop new leaders through early […]

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