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Rolling Thunder B2B referrals is accepting applications.

    Are you ready to have clients “rain” down on you? Consider joining Rolling Thunder referrals. What is Rolling Thunder referrals? Rolling Thunder referrals is an exclusive B2B referral group that is now accepting applications for the newest group. The group seeks to develop long term, mutually beneficial beneficial business relationships. The geographic area […]

What are some low-cost ways to market your business?

Monday marks the start of National Small Business week. Every year since 1963, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week in recognition of the critical contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners. More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business. As […]

Why does search marketing matter so much?

Bing Ads Express for Small and Midsize Businesses: Quick and Easy Online Advertising You have seen the ads for Bing, but you haven’t tried it yet, right? When invited to take the Bing It On Challenge, participants chose Bing over Google for the web’s top searches. Try it for yourself at Now you know. […]

Books Galore

Do you love to read? Are you looking for more books to add to your collection? Well you’re in luck! The Schaumburg Township District Library is having its July book sale. From 9 AM to 2 PM on Saturday, July 13, you have the chance to purchase books at a bargain price. Most paperbacks are […]

Segueway to Success – Survive and Thrive in the New-Normal Business Climate

Introducing “Segueway to Success”: an internet-based radio program dedicated to helping privately owned business people survive and thrive in the new-normal business climate. Starting Wednesday October 17 business partners Tom Kuchan and Brent Hamachek, principals of the 13 year old consulting company Segueway, will be sharing our experiences and conclusions as to what has changed […]

LLN Reports on Christine Morlet, CSP Speaker & International Negotiation Specialist

LLN Reports on Christine Morlet, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) Speaker & International Negotiation Specialist         Join Mike Boehler and Fred McMurray as they interview Christine Morlet, a Negotiation  Keynote Speaker, interpersonal communication consultant and trainer at 3 pm Thursday, October 11th.  She is a specialist in bench marking the best progression of European negotiators and […]

3DCreations: The Future is… so yesterday. Or is it?

          AT the risk of:   1) dating myself;  and  2) revealing that “It’s what I don’t know”, I have to say our Guest on last week’s Trend On show, Jesse De Pinto of 3DCreations, llc both inspired and amazed me. I remember watching reruns of those crazy Jetson’s in their […]


  Although a Hired Gun is an expression with a connotation of doing some sort of dirty or dubious work, when it comes to ERP, that is, Enterprise Resource Planning, hiring a Big Gun to do objective consulting for your company’s ERP implementation, is worth the investment and more than beats  shooting yourself in the […]

Summer Sounds of Music & Fashion Fun: Building a Boutique Business

Trend On Co-Host Heidi Feemster Trend On Co-Host Tamara Leigh Summer.  Who doesn’t love it? It’s mere mention immediately brings back childhood memories of  school years ending in happy hiatus over the hot months of June, July and August. In the Mid-West, after the work of relentless winters, Summer gives everyone permission to PLAY.  Each […]

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