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U R Next HAS MOVED TO NEW TIME Friday’s at 10am (CDT)

U R Next/Friday’s at 10am Returning on Friday 6/22 Your Host’s: Jim Hodges and Deni Weigel Eads are looking forward to discussing the issues that effect all BOOMERS lives. We have a great new format with information and lot’s of fun facts to discuss and entertain. We look forward to your participation by calling 1-323-580-5755 […]

You R Next – May 4th 2012

We have reserved a great “spot” for you to enjoy your retirement decisions.       Please contact Cheryl at CP Travel & Cruising at 630-393-1122.   We had a great show today and thanks to the callers for making it special.  Next week we will find out more uses of Mayonnaise, Finance Quiz,  Health/Exercise, Travel, Boomer Shouts, […]

What is a retired person?

RETIRE OR NOT RETIRE….THIS IS THE QUESTION Open with a positioning statement for the show that we are looing for caller input, professional input, questions, comments, and discussion of the topic regarding the seemingly overused word…RETIRE. What is the definition and discussion of what and why: -What does this word mean today and what is […]

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