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EP 21: Three steps for keeping friends when you have ADHD

  One of the biggest challenges in relationships for those with ADHD or Autism Spectrum conditions, is knowing how to create shared experiences with another person. Look no further for a solution, in this lesson Brian shares three questions that can guide you to create memorable experiences with others. Click here to watch and listen […]

Thank you for showing me who you are

Those who know me know that one of my favorite strategies is gratitude. Today I shared with someone how powerful gratitude can be at diffusing your anger when someone insults you. In this case, a young man reported becoming very upset when a friend insulted a sport he really enjoyed participating in. His initial response […]

We all fall apart sometimes

I had a meltdown yesterday. They don’t happen often these days but when they happen they happen big. In my younger days I would have screamed and said horrible, hurtful things. These days, I collapse into tears, like yesterday. The reality is that each day is very hard for me. My ADHD and Dyslexia are […]

Do you want respect with that?

In our increasingly automated, drive through world the experience of customer service is a dying art. More often these days we’re asked “Do you want fries with that?” by someone stuck in a scripted hamster wheel hell. At our local grocery store we hear the same questions each and every time, “Did you find everything […]

You have permission to learn

I had an interesting conversation this weekend with a group of parents and educators. We discussed the consequences of parents rescuing their children so much that they raise their children to be helpless. One person remarked that parents need to give themselves permission to allow their children to fail. I took it a step further […]

Something you forgot to tell me

Do you know someone who expects you to read his mind and then gets mad at you when you repeatedly fail to do so? Yeah, me too. So what do you do with a person like this? Here’s a quick suggestion. Keep in mind that people in general are socialized to use a lot of […]

You may keep your gift

I have been told by many that I have the patience of a saint. I’ll let you in on a secret, it isn’t patience. It is simply one of the most profound strategies for setting boundaries that I’ve ever learned. I learned this strategy in one of my favorite stories about the Buddha. It was […]

A strategy to build confidence

Too often people wait until they receive the approval of a parent, teacher, coworker or friend before allowing themselves to feel that they have done well. This is an unfortunate habit in that it is essentially waiting for permission to feel successful. I suspect we get into this pattern due to the seeking of approval […]

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